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11 Ideas To Become A Better Person

Nothing can remind us of the worst things about the human race like the recent election campaign, rioting and evil carried out by world leaders to minority groups.

What is the secret to our hatred and intolerance? We live in fear and hatred, instead of loving and showing kindness. It was once fashionable to be kind and considerate to others. The simple act of smiling at someone you don’t know seems outdated and absurd to me. What is the last time that’s happened?

In times like these, it is important to be kind to others and bring light into the world of hatred.

If hatred is all around, stop and look for light. Recall what it means to be a human being. These are simple ways to be a better person. Remind yourself every day that you are human.

1. Meet new people in the elevator. You can wish them a happy day. Sounds crazy, right?

2. If someone is too busy, open the door.

3. Help an elderly neighbor to take out the trash.

4. Recognize a coworker for a great idea or project.

5. Your waiter, the person who put the groceries in your cart at the grocery store, and your child’s teacher should be thanked. Thank them by looking them in the eyes and saying it with sincere gratitude

6. Give someone a hug.

7. Let someone else get in the lane that you are driving.

8. Offer a glass water to someone you care about.

9. Read a poem.

10. For anyone who was involved in a fight, apologize.

11. End the day by looking back at the past 24 hours to see when you felt the most connected with yourself, others, and the world.

Thank you for the small and large moments of connection, kindness, and decency you received throughout the day.

Let’s make it a win-win situation for goodness and hate. We need to focus on the power of small acts of love, which can be practiced in an intentional manner and at increasing regular intervals to make this world a better place.


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Hi my name’s Sarah. I'm a lifestyle blogger. I live in North Cornwall in a small village in the UK by the city. I started blogging as an outlet for something to do not that long ago. Although I'm young, and don't have a ton of experience in life, I don't think that disqualifies me to write about life and lifestyle subjects, so that's what I set out here today in my debut blog.

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