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6 Ways To Keep Difficult People From Draining Your Energy, Productivity, And Happiness

There are only three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, or the presence of difficult persons. We all experience it, regardless of whether it is coworkers or people you are having trouble dealing with.

Interacting with people who are difficult drains your energy, productivity, happiness, and even our joy. This doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. These are some helpful tips to help you cope with difficult coworkers and other people in your life.

1. Do not wish they were different

It is vital to remember that it’s not about changing people but changing the relationship. It is important to allow people to be themselves, and to try to understand their differences.

It is easy to label someone when we are interacting with them. While your opinion might be true, it could also be based on the way they behave with you. It is important that you look at these people as a whole, not just their behavior.

2. Make a change – it all starts with you

People in a difficult relationship complain often about their coworkers and the relationship. However, they are often reluctant to take action.

Do not wait for the other person to solve the problem. Take control and take action immediately. Find out what is causing the problem for you. Talk to him, not about yourself.

3. Learn the reasons for their behavior

If you don’t try to understand the reasons behind their behavior, it is difficult to come to an understanding with them. It is easy to fixate on the negatives of someone who is difficult and then try to point out their flaws.

Instead of reacting like this, you can try to be more thoughtful and ask better questions in order to find out why they behave the way they do. It is possible that they may be acting in a certain way because of their reward system, personal problems, or insecurity. These things can make a big difference in how you interact with others.

4. Don’t make assumptions about your intention

Your interactions with difficult people are doomed if you subconsciously or consciously assume the worst. People who are difficult don’t see themselves this way often. This assumption should not be taken as a sign that you are wrong. It’s frustrating to see someone misunderstand your intentions, which can lead to more conflict. It doesn’t have be this way.

5. Make little bridges

Nobody is suggesting that you should make the most of a difficult friend. You can make small changes to bridge the distance that divides you. You can show your appreciation by giving them real compliments. Use the commonalities to build. Demonstrate that you are trustworthy Recognize, don’t argue. Andy Selig, a psychologist, says that most labor disputes are resolved by all parties believing they are the victims. Reduce your defenses.

6. They can’t have power over your life

Even with all your best efforts, you might still feel anxious about that person. You decide if that person will have any influence on your life. You can improve your relationship and control their impact on you.


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