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7 Lessons Successful People Have Learned At Age 35

Don’t despair if you feel stuck at work, in your relationships, or in your life overall. There are some things you can do to make your life easier.

These are the seven most important lessons that successful people learned before turning 35. These lessons are not something you are taught in school and are not always easy to understand. If you choose to learn now, the contagion effect can have impressive effects on your career and life.

1. Asking for advice is fine.

Sometimes, we are afraid of being unprepared or misinformed and avoid asking for help. The truth is that most people don’t know what they are doing. Ask for help at work or at home. Ask for help from someone you admire.

2. Spend some alone time during the week

Your partner, children, siblings, boss and other people are always helping you. You deserve some time to yourself. You should set aside time and a day during the week for whatever you wish. This will help you to stick with it over time. Get a run in, read a blog, order takeout and have a facial. Only do what you enjoy.

3. You can choose what you want to put your energy into

You are probably familiar with the phrase “choose you battles”. This is great advice for all aspects of life. There are certain things that you simply cannot do. You only have so much time and energy. Choose which battles are worth fighting and which ones to withdraw from. You should be willing to make a commitment when it is necessary, but you must also stand firm when it matters.

4. Never stop learning

Many people think that learning stops at school. This is false. Learning is never finished. You need to keep growing. This applies to every aspect of your life, whether at work, home, or in a relationship. Don’t be afraid to learn from other people, as they may have had experiences similar to yours, which will provide you with valuable lessons about life.

5. Move out of your comfort zone

While doing the same thing over and over can be calming, it’s not the same feeling to do something different or scary for the first. Accept discomfort. Experiencing discomfort makes life exciting. You will never find out if you like something unless you actually try it.

6. You don’t have to stay stuck in a routine.

Everyone has a bad day at the office from time to time. But if those bad days are more frequent than your good ones, you should avoid them. You should find the passion you lost in order to continue going to work every day.

7. It’s impossible to please everyone

This is an important lesson you will need to keep in mind throughout your entire life. It is human nature to want to make people around you happy. However, it is impossible. It is possible to do your best and put your efforts into your tasks. Be kind to everyone you meet. You can’t control everything else.


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Hi my name’s Sarah. I'm a lifestyle blogger. I live in North Cornwall in a small village in the UK by the city. I started blogging as an outlet for something to do not that long ago. Although I'm young, and don't have a ton of experience in life, I don't think that disqualifies me to write about life and lifestyle subjects, so that's what I set out here today in my debut blog.

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