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7 Tricks To Find The Balance Between Life At Home And Work

People who work hard are praised in our culture. It is common to work 10-12 hours per day at the office, or do chores at home. This can be exhausting. Sometimes, the combination of work and home can lead to a situation that is impossible to manage. We will meet all deadlines. To make dinner, clean the house, fix the dripping tap, see to the garden and so on.

Is it possible that our productivity is being affected by this hectic pace of life? Perhaps the stress of completing so many tasks makes us less productive than if there were fewer.

Research has shown that those who take more time off and have fewer responsibilities are more productive than those who do not. How can we make our lives more manageable and allow us to do more at work and home? Continue reading.

Stop over committing

If you find that you are taking on more than you can handle, it is time to take a moment to look at your commitments.

Dr. Susan Biali is a physician, coach and author of “Live A Life You Love.” She advises that you only say yes to one thing. You have a finite amount of time so you can’t do too many things in one day.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Reduce your list of to-dos and you will be able to accomplish your remaining tasks more efficiently.

You can get away from your desk

Get out of your phone and take a walk. You can also schedule a class at the new yoga studio that you have been longing to visit. Numerous studies have proven that exercise improves mental health. You should have better mental clarity and attention span, which is what your boss would want. You now have a scientifically supported excuse to get up from your desk and improve work performance.

Realism is key when it comes to the weather

You will be less productive if you think you have enough time for everything. You end up constantly trying to finish all your tasks. This means that you don’t know how long it will take.

You will be more organized if you are realistic about how much can be done in one day. Being more organized will help you be more productive and less stressed.

Get your office order

The visual environment you have can affect the efficiency of brain processes. So cluttering up your desk can adversely impact your productivity. Even if you clean only one drawer, you will feel fulfilled and ready to tackle another task.

Take the time to draw and daydream.

Enjoy a creative break from spreadsheets and other documents. Use a pencil to draw or scribble. Buy an adult coloring book the next time you visit a store.

You can improve your productivity by changing tasks even if you just daydream.

Spend less time with colleagues outside of work.

It’s great to work with people who get along. Are long lunches or coffee breaks a negative thing for your productivity?

Update your status in Slack to let your colleagues know that you are busy. You can simply update your status to “In a Meeting” to inform your colleagues that are you in the office, but not busy.

Go on a vacation

Are your vacation days getting more and more expensive? Spend them! Many workers don’t take all the vacations they have earned.

It helps us to rebalance our brains and return to work feeling refreshed and ready for new projects.


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