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8 Signs That You Are More Confident Than You Think

There will be times when confidence is not something you feel like. Trust is a situational thing. Sometimes we feel safe, and other times we feel unsafe. Sometimes, however, we feel uncertain and insecure.

If you’re like most mortals, there is a certain degree of imposter syndrome. This is the belief that you are inferior and mediocre despite everything indicating that you are highly skilled and successful.

It’s not about how far you have come but how far you want it to go that you compare yourself with. Your accomplishments are what you have already internalized – that’s who you are. Your achievements are not extraordinary, even though they may seem so to others. This can affect your confidence.

This is what we are going to do to fix it. These are signs that you are more confident then you think.

1. Only seek approval from people who matter.

Are you following 100,000 people on Twitter? That’s great. What’s that? 200,000 Facebook friends? Fantastic. Imagine a professional and social network that reaches hundreds, if not thousands. It’s brilliant.

These stats are not enough to earn the respect and trust of those few people who matter.

You can trust them and gain their respect no matter where or how hard you try. This will allow you to do everything with confidence, knowing that those who are most important to you are actually supporting you.

2. Listen more than you talk

Insecurity is indicated by bragging. True confidence is quiet and modest. They know their thoughts and are open to hearing what others think.

They ask open-ended questions to give others the space to think and reflect.

Truely confident people know they know a lot but want to know more. They know that listening is the best way to learn.

3. You don’t think you are right but you are open to taking a position because you don’t fear being wrong

People who are cocky tend to take their own decisions and disregard the opinions of others. They are confident that they are correct and will want (actually require) you to believe them.

Their behavior does not indicate confidence, but the contrary.

People who are confident don’t mind being wrong. They believe that it is more important to find out what is right than being right. They are able to admit their mistakes even when they make them wrong.

People who are really confident often admit they are wrong or don’t have all the answers. The conceited do not do this.

4. So that others shine, you avoid being the center of attention

You might have completed most of the work, or you may have overcome great obstacles.

This is something that self-confident people do not care about or show any interest in. True confidence doesn’t require glory. You know what you have done.

They don’t require validation from anyone, as true validation comes from within.

They celebrate their accomplishments by letting others know. They share the spotlight with others, which gives them confidence and helps them become more confident.

5. Asking for assistance is not a problem

Many people believe asking for help is an indication of weakness, as it suggests a lack knowledge, skill, or experience.

Confident people are open to admitting their faults. They often seek out help from others because they feel confident enough to admit their weaknesses and because they also know that when they do so, they are expressing gratitude to the person helping them.

Ask “Can you help?” Respect the person’s experience, and their judgment.

6. Do not criticize other people

People who gossip or make fun of others do it because they feel better about themselves.

A true confident person will only make one comparison: to yesterday’s person and tomorrow’s person.

7. Don’t be afraid to not look perfect

If you’re confident in yourself, it is okay to not be your best every now and again.

It’s funny, but people respect you for it more than they do for your appearance.

8. Recognize your mistakes

Insecurity can lead to artificiality. Trust tends instead to foster sincerity and honesty.

Confident people are willing to admit their mistakes. They are happy to be a cautionary tale. They are happy to be a source for laughter, both to their own and to others.


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