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Hi my name’s Sarah and I’m a lifestyle blogger. I live in the UK in a small village near Newquay in Cornwall. Cornwall is in the Southwest and has amazing beaches that are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I love to head down to the beach and do a bit of surfing now and then. Newquay is one of the UK’s best surfing destinations because of its wild waves.

Anyway, Recently, I decided to start blogging because I’ve been looking for something that I can do that I love to do but also something that might grow into and become a full-time living for me. I know a few people that make a living blogging, so I have talk things over with them and have now embarked on my own journey. I can honestly say that is was a great decision and I love it.

I can’t say that I have a ton of experience in life, but I am curious I love to explore new things and try out the unusual or experiment with different things and sometimes danger itself. As I experience life itself it is my aim to convey that experience over to you from my posts.

As a lifestyle blog I am going to be focusing on life itself. On how to do stuff and why you do stuff. As I gain insight into life issues, I’m gonna talk about it and hope to present it in my own unique style.

I have always liked writing and have done well in school with my written coursework. I am inventive and have a great imagination. The focus for this blog is to study topics that my readers love to read about.

So why not take a look and have a browse around my site and enjoy!

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